SharePoint 2010 Installation Step by Step

SharePoint 2010 Installation Step by Step


we can proceed with the installation of SharePoint 2010. Depending on your operating system and edition of SharePoint the installation files varies.


Following editions are available for SharePoint 2010:

• Foundation

• Standard

• Enterprise

Software Pre-Requisites

Following are the software pre-requisites

• 64 bit Operating System (Windows 7 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows Server 2008)

• .Net Runtime 3.5 SP1 Download

• SQL Server 2008 R2 Download

• PowerShell 2 Download

• Visual Studio 2010 Download Trial

• Office 2010 Download Trial (not mandatory)

Note: A 4 GB RAM is required for the development machine. For servers 8 GB and high is recommended. For detailed hardware and software requirements please visit the link.

You need to have the following Windows Features enabled:


64 bit Windows 7 can be installed on a 32 bit computer. For production server the operating system should be Windows Server 2008 and SharePoint Standard/Enterprise.


There are multiple ways for installing SharePoint 2010. Here three of them are listed.

1. You can download a standard trial version from the following link:


2. Use the Easy Script to setup development machine with SharePoint 2010

This option takes several hours depending on your internet connection speed.


3. Use the Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) option to have a preconfigured environment for learning


Download the file specified in option 1. After the download execute the file SharePointServer.exe

You will get the following screen:

Enter the following key for trial edition:

VK7BD-VBKWR-6FHD9-Q3HM9-6PKMX. On pasting the key automatic validations happens and the Continue button gets enabled. Click the button to continue.

Accept the terms and again click Continue button.

In the above screen use the Standalone option to install all the SharePoint components in your machine. Now the installation starts..

Waiting for around 10 minutes, the installation will get completed click the Close button.
If you checked the Configure option from the previous screen you will get the following Configuration wizard. Click the Next button to continue..

The wizard will perform activities like configuration of database, registering services, sample data creation etc. It will take almost 10-15 minutes for completion. On completion you can see the following dialog box.

Click on the Finish button to close the dialog.
Post Installation

After the installation you will be able to see the following start menu item:

Open the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration item and you will get the following prompt:

Enter the machine user name and password and proceed by clicking Ok button.

If you can see the above screen then you are ready with a successful installation.
we have seen the trial installation of SharePoint 2010. The above installation is useful for evaluating SharePoint features and setting up a developer machine

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